Step into a world full of imagination and see the realm of fairy unlike before. Introducing my new series Wings of Royal Couture, by Sarah Alden. This series was inspired by my love for fairies and fashion. The idea for this series spawned while I was reading a book about expanding oneself as an artist. It made me step back and think about doing something different with my art and design something uniquely and identifiably mine. A series I can continue to build off of. I wanted to create an exciting and fun new world of possibilities with the use of extravagant and unconventional fairy wings. A place where imagination is endless! Something for fantasy art fans to enjoy, collect, and truly cherish.

This series really is a big part of who I am and my growing path as an artist. It means a great deal to me and I really do hope that this new series brings joy to my fans and to those who have not yet discovered my artwork.