I’d like to introduce my brand new painting “Indian Paint Brush” – Prints will be available soon!!

She was inspired by my love for this beautiful rich wild flower, that grows all over the road sides here. I also wanted to explore and learn how to paint hair better as I feel its an area I could improve on so with that in mind I knew I wanted to do a close up portrait with flowers in the background. I feel I’ve grown a lot working on this painting and I’m so thrilled with the outcome! Enjoy!!

Indian Paint Brush

Here is a Work In Progress compilation picture so you can see some of the steps I take when painting in watercolor. I always start with my skins tones first, it allows me to freshly see and build up all of the shadows on a figure and its my favorite step in painting!  Then I started working on the hair and so on from there with details till I finally complete the painting.