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Copyright & Image Usage Information & Terms of Use

By using this site and its services, you agree to our Terms of Use Policy. It is your responsibility to read, understand, and comply with our Terms of Use before purchasing, using, copying, or distributing any product or image from this website.

You may NOT take, use, copy or distribute any image from this website without reading, understanding and complying with the following image usage terms.

Sarah holds official copyright and intellectual property rights for all of her designs and artworks. Any use is strictly prohibited without Sarah’s written permission. All images created by Sarah Alden, either electronic images or hardcopy images, artworks, product and web design, shown on this website or elsewhere, are ©Sarah Alden, unless noted.

Summary of Usage Terms

The terms below are as a summary only, and the full terms contain further information on each area which must be read before use of any artwork is allowed.

– No Commercial Use “for profit” use without explicit written agreement, or a signed licensing agreement. For companies interested in licensing artwork, please contact Sarah directly.
– Sarah’s work is not to be copied, replicated, reproduced, resold, or distributed in any way contrary to the Terms of Use.
– Non profit or charity events wishing to use Sarah’s work should contact Sarah Alden Art to discuss usage options.
– Infringement of Sarah’s copyright is dealt with seriously, and people are encouraged to report any suspected copyright infringement.
– You agree that you shall not remove, alter, conceal, or in any other way tamper with the images provided on this website.
– Sarah’s image usage terms may change at any time, and are allowed by her personal discretion on an individual basis.

No Commercial Use without Licensing Contract
You may not redistribute, reproduce, make derivative works or otherwise use the images under copyright of Sarah Alden, outside of the terms of use on this page. Images may not be sold or used in any way, including but not limited to, the selling of products, or in connection with the promotion of any type product or sales. Also, no use of any image may infringe upon the rights of existing or potential licensees.

You are not permitted to use Sarah Alden’s images to manufacture your own products for sale in any form or through any market without a signed Licensing Agreement. It is a serious infringement of Sarah’s copyright to do this.

You are not permitted to use Sarah’s images as part of your online shop logo, business logo, stationary, promotional material or signage. Unless you have a written and signed licensing agreement.

Use of artwork for a non profit or charity event
Please contact Sarah about these as usages differ. You may be offered purchase of Sarah Alden’s merchandise at wholesale rates for suitable quantities or a limited usage agreement. However, free use of Sarah’s artworks for some items is not permitted.

Sarah is greatly honored that people want to have tattoos of her works of art. Tattoos based on Sarah’s artwork are only allowed for individuals with the purchase of an individual usage Tattoo permission. Please contact us if interested.

Tattoo artists are NOT allowed to commercially offer Sarah Alden’s designs.

Pursuit of Copyright Infringement
Copyright infringement of Sarah’s works is treated very seriously.
An informal cease and desist letter is sent to the alleged infringing party as a courtesy warning before any formal action is taken, and compliance is appreciated at this stage without having to resort to any legal action.
Fake or Fraudulent Ebay or Etsy Listings will be ended immediately.
Non-compliance with a cease and desist request can result in the matter being taken to official parties, including web hosts and the courts. Those infringing copyright could be liable to pay back all earnings they have made through the illegal sale of Sarah’s copyrighted materials.

Reporting illegal use of Sarah’s Work

If you see Sarah’s art anywhere for sale, or general use that does not show credit or copyright acknowledgment, and is not following these terms of use, please contact Sarah Alden directly with the details. Please do not contact the person or group yourself. The item may be licensed legally or from a legitimate retailer. General red flags of illegal use include the selling of the artwork without credit to Sarah as the artist or the person claiming they created the artwork themselves.

Detailed Terms and Conditions

These usage terms are guidelines only in the correct and proper use of Sarah Alden’s images. Sarah reserves the right to make future changes to these guidelines at any given time. By using any of Sarah Alden’s images, you thereby consent to these guidelines and any future changes. Sarah reserves the right to require changes to any individual or group’s use, layout, design, quality and other elements pertaining to any of Sarah Alden’s images and its uses.
The images and artworks of Sarah Alden fall under these terms and copyright ownership no matter where or in what medium they are obtained, including but not limited to other websites, purchase of print or products, other manufacturer’s products or catalogues.
No matter if it is altered, the copyright of the artworks remains with Sarah Alden under the derivative works terms of US government and International Copyright Law.
Infringement of Sarah Alden’s copyright will be dealt with seriously.