Let your imagination take flight, into enchanting Fantasy Fairy Art

Have you ever dreamed of living in a fairytale world? A place where dreams and reality meet?

I always have too! I also have a deep passionate love for Mermaid and Fairy Art. And taking you into a world that is inspiring and uplifting. A place where you can get lost in the magical beauty and just daydream!


I started my journey as a watercolor painter in 2001, though art has always been a part of my life I always knew from a very young age I wanted to be an artist. I’ve always been on the path to pursue that so I went on to receive a degree in 2005 for fine arts. Everything is created in my home studio, with the finest materials and equipment. Every print is directly printed by me and color matched to ensure the colors are as close to the original as possible. For me inspiration is always evolving since I’m a student for life! I’m inspired by nature, butterflies, flowers, fashion, and sparkly things to name a few!
I am so blessed and thankful to be able to share the Fairy Magic through my artwork because you make it possible! And I am so grateful to my loved ones who have supported me and have always believed in me!


In October 2008 a small collection of Sarah’s work was displayed in a local Gallery, 14th Street Gallery. Here she was able to expand and introduce her artwork to many new admirers and helped her get started on sharing her artwork with the world.

A collection of Sarah’s artwork is displayed locally in several businesses in the DFW area.

Sarah’s art was also featured in Fae Magazine – Spring 2013 edition

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Sometimes we need an inspiring and magical place to escape to.

I hope you’ll find yourself daydreaming of magical and inspiring places that uplift you while immersing yourself in my artwork!